Cinderella: Stories from Around the World



Your job is to use this WebQuest site to visit and research 4 different Cinderella stories (Cinderella- American version, Adelita- Mexican version, The Egyptian Cinderella- Egyptian version, and Yeh-Shen- Chinese version). These stories come from many different multicultural perspectives. Your group will be assigned to print a copy of a world map and indicate- with bullets and labels- where each story originated from. Finally, your group will construct a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting 2 of the Cinderella stories we have covered.

  • You will be divided into groups of 4 students.
  • Each student will be assigned to research (1) Cinderella story.
  • Each group will be assigned to research where all four Cinderella stories originated from (using a map and the links provided).
  • Each group will complete a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting (2) of their Cinderella stories.
  • Each group will have a discussion that will include the questions stated in the introduction. That Question will read: Which Cinderella story should we use for our 2nd grade class play? (Choices: American Cinderella, The Egyptian CinderellaYeh-Shen, Adelita, or our very own student-written student Cinderella story. Each group must agree on ONE answer.



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