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Learning Objective:

By the end of this WebQuest, the student will be able to create an informative brochure which creatively portrays the life of Andrew Jackson.  By using a program like Microsoft Word to create their brochures, the children start with a blank slate, and as a group will create a visully enticing, 3 page brochure about an important American President.  Not only will the students be surfing the web and learning about Andrew Jackson and his home The Hermitage, they will get to see what he and his home look like through photos and timelines.  This WebQuest presents the students with a unique challenge to learn, create, and design, letting their creative juices flow!

Curriculum Standard:

Tennessee 8th Grade Social Studies

Level 3-Content Standard 5.0

8.5.17c-Study the impact of Tennessee's History made by individuals


Shelby County Curriculum Standards 8th Grade Social Studies http://www.state.tn.us/education/ci/ss/doc/SS_Grade_8.pdf

Andrew Jackson Free Stock Photos                                           http://www.historicalstockphotos.com/


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