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A recent fire broke out at the Nashville Tourist Center and as a result all of the brochures about important Tennessee politicians have been burned.  The city of Nashville has asked the students of Tennessee Middle School to help create new brochures about one of Tennessee's most famous politicians.  For this assignment, the class has been divided into groups of four and you will be making a tourist brochure about Andrew Jackson, a famous Tennessee politician who served as the seventh President of the United States.  Once completed, your brochures will be on display at the Nashville Tourist Center.  Make sure that your brochure's cover makes the tourist want to pick it up by using bright and enticing colors! Also, be sure to check for any spelling of gramatical errors.  As well as learning about Andrew Jackson, you will be visiting a website all about Andrew Jackson's home, The Hermitage.  Part of your brochure will be attempting to get tourists to read your brochure to make them want to visit this historic home in Tennessee.

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