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To create your Andrew Jackson Brochure, click the Microsoft Word icon on your computer desktop. As a group, you will be making a 3 page brochure about Andrew Jackson.  Please use the following links for information and photos about Andrew Jackson and his home, The Hermitage.

Andrew Jackson Stock Photos -  Once you click the link you can search for "Andrew Jackson" or "The Hermitage"

Andrew Jackson Information - Read through this information to find interesting facts about Andrew Jackson for your brochure

Andrew Jackson The President - Read all about information on Andrew Jackson on The White House Website

Andrew Jackson's Home, The Hermitage - Here is a great Website with information and photos of The Hermitage. 

PAGE 1-This is the first page of your brochure, so it should attract attention with bright colors or an intersting photo. 

  1. Make sure that the name Andrew Jackson is written in large font so that when tourist are looking through all the brochures at the Nashville Tourist Center, that yours jumps out at them.
  2. The first page should include at least 3 interesting facts about Andrew Jackson that you can find in the links provided on this page.
  3. This page should feature at least one large photo, and a tagline about who Andrew Jackson was that will make readers want to pick up this brochure.

PAGE 2-The second page of your brochure should give us 15 fascinating facts about Andrew Jackson.

  1. These 15 facts should include information about Andrew Jackson's political career, social and family life, where he lived, and what years he lived. 
  2. Pick a creative title for this page! Do not just call it "Andrew Jackson Facts".  Make the reader curious by using an interesting title.  Also make sure that the title font size is a larger font size than the facts you list.
  3. Please include at least one photo, and 15 interesing facts that are left alligned with bullets. 
  4. Also, when listing your 15 facts, use your own words to make the facts sound cool and inspiring! Please don't cut and paste the facts, I want your own words here.

PAGE 3-The last page is all about The Hermitage, Andrew Jackson's home in Tennessee.

  1. Click the link above entitled, The Hermitage, and read all about Andrew Jackson's historic home.
  2. Name this page "The Hermitage" with the title centered on the top of the page.
  3. Find at least 2 photos of the Hermitage at the Website provided and include the images on the page.  I have contacted the Hermitage and they have given us their permission to use their photo's in our brochure.
  4. Write a short paragragh about the Hermitage that would make tourist want to go there.  Do not just cut and paste information from the Website, write it as a group.  In this paragraph, be sure sure to list the things you found on The Hermitage Website that would make you want to visit it!  This way when someone reads your brochure they will also want to visit The Hermitage.
  5. At the bottom of the page 3 make a list of all the people in your group in alpahbetical order by last name including yout first and last names.  Please center the names at the bottom.


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