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Throughout this task, you will be creating a stunning brochure letting tourist in Nashville, TN know all about Andrew Jackson and his famous home, The Hermitage.

  • You will be using Microsoft Word to create a 3 page brochure on Andrew Jackson and his home, The Hermitage, that will be presented at the Nashville Tourist Center
  • You will be learning interesting facts about Andrew Jackson the man, the politician, and the husband
  • You will be using the Internet to find these facts about Andrew Jackson via provided links
  • You will working as a team to make the best possible brochure to make people want to learn more about Andrew Jackson and his home
  • The ultimate goal of the brochure is to get the reader to want to visit The Hermitage
  • You will be copying and pasting images from multiple websites to use in your groups brochure
  • You will be experimenting with colors, fonts, images, and texts with Microsoft Word to create your brochures

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