South America: A Class Field Trip!



The Choice is Up to You!

Your teacher is counting on you to choose one of the twelve countries of South America to visit on your class field trip!  It is your job to take a tour of South America and learn about what the continent has to offer!

First: You will be given a partner to help you with your research!  The continent of South America is very large, so you will need your partner's help to learn all that you can about the continent!  You and your partner will take a tour of the continent TOGETHER, and TOGETHER you will decide which country your class will visit on a field trip.

Second: After choosing one of the twelve countries with your partner, PRINT A FACT SHEET for both you and your partner to use to research your country.  The fact sheet is divided into two parts: Geography and Culture.  One person will research the geography of your country, which includes size, location, population, capital, climate, language, and landforms.  The other person will research the culture of your country, which includes celebrations, businesses, and religion.  You will use the websites provided in the Webquest to find your information. 

Third: Exchange information with your partner so that your ENTIRE FACT SHEET is filled out.  Using this information, write a letter to your teacher persuading them why your class should visit the country you have chosen for your class field trip. 

Good luck and choose wisely!

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