South America: A Class Field Trip!



Follow All Steps Carefully!  Read All Directions!  Have Fun!

1. The name of your partner is listed on the front chalkboard.  Next to each of your names is a number.  This is your assigned computer in the computer lab.  You and your partner will be assigned two computers that are NEXT TO each other in the computer lab.  These are the only computers that you will use in the lab.  You will only use the links that are on this Webquest.  All computer lab rules apply!

2. Take a tour of the twelve countries of South America!  Visit Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, and Venezuela through the videos on the website listed below titled SOUTH AMERICA TOUR.
Click on the name of each country of South America to see a list of videos.  Click on THE FIRST VIDEO LINK for each country.  Watch only one video from each country.
After watching one video from each country, choose ONE COUNTRY with your partner to research.

3. Print the FACT SHEET that is listed below, one for you and your partner.  Decide who will research the geography of your country and who will research the culture of your country.  Follow the links listed below to find all of the facts about your country to fill in your fact sheets. Fill out your entire fact sheet and exchange information with your partner!

4. After filling out your entire fact sheet, you will write a list of reasons why your class should visit your country for their class field trip.  Use the LIST OF REASONS sheet below.  Print one for you and your partner.  Be sure that you support your reasons with evidence and facts that you learned from the Webquest! 

5.  Using your list of reasons, you will write a letter to your teacher to persuade them on why your class should visit the country you have chosen on a field trip.  Remember the format of a friendly letter that you learned in class last week!  Also, remember that in order to persuade your teacher, you must include evidence in your argument! 

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