South America: A Class Field Trip!

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This Webquest was used as a summative assessment to a multicultural literature study on South America.  This Webquest can be used in conjunction with a similar study, or one its own for a introduction to the continent of South America.

The Webquest is designed to meet the following Indiana State Standards:

Geography 3.3.7: Physical Systems: Describe how climate and physical characteristics of a region affect the vegetation and animal life living there.

Geography 3.3.9: Human Systems: Identify factors that make the region unique, including cultural diversity, industry, the arts, and architecture. 

Reading 3.2.5: Distinguish the main idea and supporting details in expository (informational) text.

Reading 3.2.7: Follow simple multi-step written directions.

Writing 3.4.2: Discuss ideas for writing, use diagrams and charts to develop ideas, make a list or notebook of ideas.

Writing 3.4.2: Create single paragraphs with topic sentences and simple supporting facts and details.

Writing 3.4.4: Use various reference and research materials.

Writing 3.5.6: Write persuasive pieces that ask for an action or a response.

Writing 3.5.3: Write personal, persuasive, and formal letters.

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