South America: A Class Field Trip!




Your teacher has greatly enjoyed teaching you all about South America and the Latin American culture over the past few weeks!  In fact, she has enjoyed it so much that she has decided to visit South America for a class field trip!  The only problem is there will only be time to visit ONE country in South America.  Your teacher cannot decide which country to pick!  They all seem so interesting and appealing!  She has decided to leave the planning up to you!
Now, don't worry!  Your teacher will handle all of the travel arrangements.  Your only job is to decide which South American country to visit!  This is a very important decision!  Which country would you like to visit on a class field trip?
Use this Webquest to help you research the twelve different countries in South America.  Once you have taken a tour of the country, you will write a letter to your teacher to persuade them on the country you have chosen!  Make sure you find enough information to show your teacher what an awesome and interesting place South America can be!

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