Energy Resources



The secretary of the prime minister  is asking you to help in this situation as you are the most qualified environmentalist in the field of renewable energy. There are various other sources that we can use instead of keeping using non renewable energy resources such as:



  •  Solar Energy
  • Energy from biomass
  • Geothermal energy
  • Energy from flowing water
  • Wind energy
  • Wave energy and tidal energy
  • Ocean thermal energy




Your mission is to plan and decide which from above can be implemented to Malta, why and where could be these installed.  This assigment assigned to you must be done carefully and with intense study to avoid installing new equipment that is not feasible within our country to produce energy.We really need your help and hope you accept to do this mission to save our civilization. So now it's you're turn to convince us which energy can be used to replace the non renewable energy resources.

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