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Today is the 23 th of December 2090, Maltese are waiting patiently for something to happen. All industries had closed, no one can work, no one can get to their place of work. No news, no light, No Tv, No cars, streets full of people rioting, there is a complete disaster why all this?.

Instead of all Malta celebrating Christmas, Malta as everywhere in the world is expericing tough moments. We dont have more supply of oil that run our power stations, no water supply as our reverse osmosis require electricity, cars cannot work because we don't have any petrol or diesel. All home appliances cannot work as no electicity is available, people are getting weaker and the hospital can hardly work as it need alot of energy to function. This catastrophy is the result of many years using non renewable energy resources and now we are facing what we had been speaking about for long but we never did something on it.

Without energy, our societies as we know it, would completely cease to exist! Without the help of energy specialists just like you there is no hope. Please help us so all Malta will celebrate Christmas with all the commodities we used to have for long time.

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