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Thanks for submission. The role of this web quest was to show that fossil fuels  are contributing to almost all energy demand in Malta. The non renewable energy are in a fixed amount and if they are depleted in few years we are being left with no energy sources and this will bring a catastrophy in the island. Therefore it is important that one will be aware which alternatives we can use to obtain energy sources and achieve sustainable development.Implementing some of these practices will help use to reduce the cost of electrical bills and the most important help us to protect our environment. Another aim of this web quest was to analyse which alternative source of energy can be used and in which place, Knowing the right place will help to have the most renewable energy.


It is your turn now to start and protecting our environment and depend on renewable energy source as much as you can.


Thanks for helping us and gave us the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with all the commodities we use to have. HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

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