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This Webquest was designed to be used as part of geography course for students in form 4. This could be easily be modified for use in tertiary schools and colleges.


This was done so the student will present an assignment and a presentation on this topic. It covers energy, alternative resources and renewable energy which are an important part in the syllabus. Apart from covering the syllabus it also help to assist student's thinking skills and to show them the power of being active members of society who can effect change.


Students will:


  1. -That the past can shape the values of people' s lives in to the future.
  2. -To commit to positively influencing present and future events and issues.
  3. -Understand different types of energy.
  4. -Understand the present type of energy source we obtain energy from.
  5. -Helping them to have the concept of sustainable development, that is meeting our own needs without compromising the ability  of future generations to meet their own needs.
  6. -Students will get some knowledge where this new resources can be used in our islands and which from them all could be used in Malta.


Resources (Required skills):

Basic comfort level of and understanding the use of internet.

Technology Needs/ Materials

Web browser




Most of the resources and web links included within the WebQuest are accessed via external websites. I would like to acknowledge and thank the creators of these sites for creating such useful WebPages for us to access. Reference has been offered by means of hyperlinks to these pages.



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