Colonial Time Machine WebQuest



Wow!  Your time machine made it back into the 1700's.  Are you okay?  Please check that your whole team made it.  We need all students engaged in this adventure's tasks. 


1.  You will create a list of what you will need to bring in your suit case.  Make sure you are dressed appropriately and are prepared to help with tonight's dinner.  Do you like your clothes and menu options? 


2.  You will learn how to correctly navigate the Time Machine.  Where should you be?  You will create a map of possible landing points.  Did the Colonies cover all of America? 


3.  After dinner, you will be invited to share with your family what you learned at Colonial school day.  Please remember some of the important Colonial people and subjects that are shaping your future and independence! 


*Don't worry, when needed, your amazing time machine will embark into the present World Wide Web to help you navigate throughout historical America.  You will find art, factual data, and analyze information. 

Be careful!  Do not push the Future Button! 


Standards: H3.0 Social Responsibility & Change- Students understand how social ideas and individualaction lead to social, political, economic, and technological change.


Benchmarks: H3.5.1 Compare and/ or contrast the daily lives of children throughout the United States, both past and present.


Standards: H2.0 Nation Buildeing and Development- Students understand the people, events, ideas, and conflicts that lead to the evolution of nations, empires, distinctive cultures, and political and economic ideas.


 Benchmarks: H2.5.8 Explain the relationship between the American colonies and England, and discuss its impact on independence.


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