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# Not Meeting Standard Partially Meets Standard Meets Standard Exceeds Standard Score
Content Writing is very limited in the attempt at delivering a viewpoint. There is little sense to the writer's thoughts. Writing is limited in transferring knowledge to the reader and there is no evident writer's point of view. There are clear paragraph formats with a focused viewpoint that is conveyed throughout the writing. The writing is strong in voice and purpose with an engaging thought provoking attempt by the writer! %25
Organization Writing is disorganized and not fully developed. The transitions are vague with an unclear beginning and closure. The writing is brief and weak in development, but there are obvious attempts at organization in transitions. The writing uses corrct format with very clear transistions and complete closure. Writing is strong throughout the beginning, middle and end. There are consistent transitions with a clear closure. %25
Grammar, spelling and punctuation Improper grammar use with very few correct spellings, punctuations or paragraph indentations. Using some proper forms of grammar and conventions. Words are mostly spelled correctly in proper grammatical formats. Very excellent grammar usage is throughout the writing with correct punctuation and grammar accordingly! %25
Word Choice Vague, and repetitive use of words. Imaginative with some adjectives and varied word choices. Many various word choices and imaginative use of adjectives with little repetiion. Very strong and imaginative use of words that are lively and vivid! %25

Total Score: %100

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