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It's time to sit and read the student's journals!


Through navigation throughout the Colonial Life WebQuest, the students will show that they learned the 5th grade standards set forth by the Nevada Department of Education which include;


Standards: H3.0 Social Responsibility & Change- Students understand how social ideas and individual action lead to social, political, economic, and technological change.


Benchmarks: H3.5.1 Compare and/or contrast the daily lives of children throughout the United States, both past and present.


Standards: H2.0 Nation Building and Development- Students understand the people, events, ideas, and conflicts that lead to the evolution of nations, empires, distinctive cultures, and political and economic ideas.


Benchmarks: H2.5.8 Explain the relationship between the American colonies and England, and discuss its impact on independence.


These standards are assessed by a journal writing that includes an extensive rubric as outlined in the Evaluation page of this WebQuest.

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