Catholic Social Justice Teaching



You will be divided into groups of three and will research one of several social justice/civil rights issues occurring in the world today (your topic and group will be decided in class).  7th Grade will focus on Bullying. Everyone in your group is expected to participate in the presentation and the research.

Your group will present to the class, in a three to five minute presentation, your social justice issue.  You will need to answer these major questions in your presentation: What is it?  Why is it important?  Who does it affect?  What are our individual responsibilities on this issue?  What lessons can we take from the American Civil Rights Movement when trying to fight this injustice? 

Finally, you need to make a poster or Power Point presentation with images and statistics that represent the issue you are presenting. These images and statistics can be pulled from the websites found within this WebQuest, or they can come from outside research.  They should depict the severity of the injustice and the progress that is being made, if any.  They should also show what can be done to help alleviate the injustice.  You want to make the audience care about this discrimination and want to work to end it.

You will be given class time to work on these projects but do need to be prepared to either work some outside of class, and/or to bring in images for your presentation. 

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