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Focus: This WebQuest focuses student research in studying Catholic Social Justice and civil rights issues. The students use this WebQuest to guide their research into contemporary social justice issues.

Objectives/Goals: The goal is for students to understand that social justice and civil rights movements facing the United States, their community, and often the world as a whole exist today.  Furthermore, the assignment helps them to develop critical analysis and reading skills as they must decipher what information from the websites is prevalent and what is not.  Finally, the presentation gives them the chance to work on their public speaking skills and their artistic skills when designing their Power Point or poster.

Resources: Time allotted 3-4 days (classes are 40 minutes each).  One to look at the array of social justice issues facing us today, to pick the top issues in which the class is most interested, and to pick groups and group topics.  The second will be spent going through this WebQuest.  A third day, or part of a third day, will be given to the students to work in class to finalize their presentation and its materials.  Finally, the fourth day will be given to presentations themselves.  It should be noted, however, that this assessment wraps around the central portion of the unit, giving students ample time to do the WebQuest in class and prepare for their presentations.

Credits: It is my hope that all of the weblinks in this WebQuest exist and are updated by the many great organizations that strive to uphold social justice and civil rights around the world.  The greatest respect and thanks goes to them.

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