Health Awareness: Introduction to Basic First Aid



From the links provided, the student is to find:

1.      The definitions of CPR and AED.

2.      Some cause, effect, and prevention of Accidents.

3.      A way on how to perform first aid to an injured or sick person.

4.      Some things that can be used for first aid.

The students should:

1. Conduct a seminar regarding what they had learned from this WebQuest.

2. They should be grouped and each group will think of one way to increase positive awareness for First Aid.
a. Make a video or post one of the videos in Facebook and in their groups and probably they can compile the comments of people. (The teacher can definitely make adjustments and other suggestions.)
            - Watch the videos together, then choose one (vote) to post on Facebook.
            - One person could compile the significant comments of people
            - Two people could make a paper about the video and comments.
            - One person could do the editing of the paper.
   *This group can be composed of four people.

b. Advocate about this in their school, to one whole class or a group of people. 
            - One would be the emcee.
            - Two or three people would speak about different topics regarding first aid including how we can help contribute or support the people in the community.
            - Two people would prepare the presentations
            - They will all help to do the materials, and get permissions (especially the emcee).
   *This group can be composed of five to seven people (or more).

c. They could also make different posters giving knowledge about this topic and encouraging  people,and then post it in different areas of the school.
           - Two people could work together about the drawings on the poster/s. (digital or manual)
   - Another one or two people could put the color into it. (digital or manual)
   - Two or more person could design a logo or a campaign slogan for each of the posters."Saving the lives of Others"  
   *This group can be composed of five or six people.
3. Make a paper on what they have learned from this Webquest (specially from what they are supposed to know or find out). *more is given about this in the process 

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