Health Awareness: Introduction to Basic First Aid



1. Friendship Paper

a. Watch these (below):

·        #13-16 video:How to perform CPR and other first aid

·        #18 link: Dealing with choking

b. Identify a different techniques of first aid.

c. During the process, consider the things helpful to your daily life.

d. Write a paper about your experience.

2. Video and Write-up

A. Choice 1

a. Choose one of these videos or the previous videos to post on your Facebook accounts and groups.

b. Encourage others to watch it, like it, and comment on it.

c. Make a paper about it.

 All Videos:  Youtube videos (below)

B. Choice 2

a. Plan for an advocate or a lecture about First Aid.
b. Do the plan to a class, the whole high school department of one year level is preferable, depending on the amount of students.
c. Make a paper about your experience

C. Choice 3

a. In a group, make three (3) posters that shows the basic first aid.
- One person could make drawings on a poster.
- Another could put the color into it.
- One or more person could design a logo or a campaign slogan for each of the posters. "Saving the Lives of Others"
b. Make a paper that could quote comments of people and reactions about it.

In order to do Choice 2 or 3, you need to have an idea about first aid, so you have to check out the links as well.

3. Learning Paper

a. The student is to check out the links provided and make a paper about it. 

b. The paper should include the definition of First Aid, causes of Accident,Prevention and effects and also what the community or they can do for the people during emergencies.
c. They can mention about community integration and inclusion.

Links: All links provided can be used.

From the sources given, you are now to do the task! You don't have to limit yourself with the sources I have given, check Google out. Enjoy!

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