Health Awareness: Introduction to Basic First Aid

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The students should:

1. Make a paper about their experience  after two weeks . They can put the thoughts they had, how they were influenced by their friend or maybe what they want to do for the person.

2. They should be grouped and each group will think of one way to increase positive awareness for people who needs help, specifically those on emergencies. They could (choose):

a. Make a video or post one of the videos in Facebook and in their groups and probably they can compile the comments of people. (The teacher can definitely make adjustments and other suggestions.) 

b. Advocate about this in their school, to one whole class or a group of people. (Suggestion: Do this inside the school)

c. They could also make different posters giving knowledge about this topic and then post it in different areas of the school.

*You can choose one of these for the fourth rubric as additional or real part of their grade. I suggest that you be the one to make the choice which one they're going to do depending on the time you have because the weight of work is not the same.

3. They should also make a paper on what they have learned from this Webquest (specially from what they are supposed to know or find out).

*You can modify this the way you want to do it, whatever you think is best. This is our first time to do a Webquest, hope you find this useful! :)) God bless you!

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