A Visit to Fedville - $ Makes the World Go Round



The first step of your journey is for you and your partner to get to FedVille. Click on the link below then choose your character and register (your teacher will help you with this).


Now that your team is in the town of FedVille it is time to explore. Use your Visitors Log to help you get the most from your visit. The log will guide you and your teammate through FedVille and you have questions to answer. Take turns visiting FedVille sites and recording information in the Visitors Log. Remember, you earn bonus bucks for cooperation and teamwork. Hint: use the gold key to get clues as you explore.

Earn "bonus bucks" for:

  • Teamwork and cooperation (20)
  • Checking out the Dictionary and recording three words on your Visitors Log Glossary (10)
  • Writing in complete sentences on your Visitors Log (15)
  • Collecting more than 9 Trivia Cards (10)
  • Opening a bank account (15)
  • Getting a job (10)
  • Taking a tour of the Federal Reserve Bank (10)
  • Watching Movies (5)
  • Playing games (5)


The bonus bucks you earn on your Visitors Log can be used in your classroom to buy some great things, prizes, treats, books, etc.



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