A Visit to Fedville - $ Makes the World Go Round

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Focus: This WebQuest focuses on learning about your community and what is available in the community. Students will research about the community's resources, restaurants, lodging, recreational activities, and community events.  Many people do not know what their community offers, so this lesson helps students learn about where they live. The lesson uses a brochure format to let the student share the information they have collected. This lesson can be used for a special education transition class or for a social studies lesson on community.

Objectives/Goals: Before you begin this project review with the students the definition of a community/town and what resources in a community are. This way the students will know what they are looking for during their research. Students will learn about their community and what is available to them to be productive citizens.

Resources: Prerequisite skills: Internet skills, phonebook skills; Time Required: 2 to 4 days; Technology Needs/Materials Needed: Computer, Internet, Camera. Students will be working in groups. Each group will require one computer to view WebQuest and to use the Internet for research. A phonebook is necessary for addresses and phone numbers. Camera for pictures throughout the community.













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