A Visit to Fedville - $ Makes the World Go Round



Welcome: A Visit to Fedville - $ Makes the World Go Round
Description: Students will learn about the dynamics of money and business in the community. Students will tour Fedville (an interactive town designed for students by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco) to better understand the relationship that money plays in our community and how it contributes to economics.
Grade Level: 3-5
Curriculum: Social Studies
Keywords: business, spend, earn, cash, check, interest, deposit, withdraw, Federal Reserve Bank, economics, balance, counterfeit, teller
Author(s): Lisa Curtis


Description: Use this resource for whole class building background or to open a discussion.

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    Description: Use this Visitors Log to guide you on your exploration of FedVille. Work together with your partner to answer the questions and learn about the role of money in your community. Have fun!

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