The Depiction of African American Women in the Hip Hop/Rap Culture



Women In Hip Hop

Teacher’s  Name: Gloria D. Brogdon-Grantham 

Lesson Title: Women In The Hip Hop  

Target Grade/Subject: 11th - Adults 

Time:  4 Class Periods  

NETS   Creativity    and    Innovation
     Students    demonstrate creative thinking,    construct knowledge, and
        develop innovative products and processes using technology.    
          a. apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas, products, or processes.
          b. create original works as a means    of personal or group expression.
          c. use models and simulations to explore    complex systems and  issues.
          d. identify trends and forecast possibilities.

VA SOL (including Computer Technology SOL):  Technology Communication Tools
C/T 6-8.9    The student will use a variety of media and formats to communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences.
•    Choose the appropriate tool, format, and style to communicate information.
•    Independently use technology tools to create and communicate for individual and/or collaborative projects.
•    Produce documents demonstrating the ability to edit, reformat, and integrate various software tools.

Lesson Plan
 Objectives : Discuss and analyze the politics of Hip Hop and the affects it has on
                 the youth culture, and to understand the real issues surrounding
                 Women and the Hip Hop Culture.

 Tools and Resources
Software: iMovie,
 Hardware: Mac Computers, Video Camera, Microphones, Video Tapes

Initial set up: Class seated in a circle for brainstorming discussion of their definition of Hip Hop, as a class.

Technology/Classroom Management Strategies:
Video production skills
Internet skills
Lesson Development

Focus and Review of previous work/knowledge:
Discuss and analyze the politics of Hip Hop and the affects it has on Women.

Specific Objectives

Understanding the real issues surrounding the  depiction of women and the Hip Hop Culture.

Anticipatory set  The teacher will pose the question, Does Hip Hop/Rap lyrics affect the way society views African American Women?

Students will:
1. discuss their definition of Hip Hop, as a class

2. work in groups to research the meaning of Hip Hop and it’s impact on the American  
   Society, more especially African American women This research will be done via the internet.

(see links below)

3. Each group will view three(3)  of the videos from  the list below. Students will discuss each  segment as a class, as well as in individual groups and highlight main points of the segments, and take notes on the messages conveyed. These Main points will be the basics of their of their Video  script


Video Links
Who Is Sara Baartman? Every black woman should know her name. (Explicit Video)

How Women Are Portrayed in Hip Hop VIdeos

Bell Hooks Pt 8 Cultural Criticism (rap music)

Hip-hop debate focuses on images of women - Topics included the effect of rap videos on adolescents

African American Popular Culture

 Hip Hop in Review: Part II Mainstream Rap & Women


My Name is Video Vixen (Explicit)

Finally Sistahs Speak Honestly! (Pt 1) - Don Imus

Finally Sistahs Speak Honestly! (Pt 2) - Don Inus

4. write lyrics  and create a 3 minute rap song that depicts a positive image of women.

5. create a music video using your positive rap song.

Students will discuss each segment as a class as well as individual groups and highlight main points of the segments. These Main points will be the basics of their of their Video  script. Each group will collaborate to create one class video



Television Production Process

Students will:

1.    view the videos and take notes on the segment they are assigned,
2.    write a script based on their findings,
3.    decide the format they want their video to be presented (Talk Show, Talking Head,
4.    Q & A, dramatic….)
5.    practice reading their script, prior to videotaping,
6.    decide type of music, and graphics to use,

7.    video tape their show,

8.    Edit the show using iMovie   

Teacher Will:
   Act as Executive Producer, and assist students in all phases of the production.   

Guided practice and checking for understanding (student activities):
(Uses the vocabulary and concepts in several examples to practice the skills required for students to perform on their own. Allows teacher to assess initial comprehension of concepts.)

Independent practice (student activities): Students will as a crew, create their video based on the groups finding in their research in developing the script.

Closure: Upon completing the project, students will present their videos to the class. As well as post their videos on YouTube, and Veoh.
Evaluation Procedure

Rubric/Assessment of objectives (student activities).  Includes description of assessment and scoring tool/rubric assessing both the content and technology; state how you plan to communicate your expectations to the students.


See Attachments below.

See Attachment #1- ( women_hip_rubric.xls)

See Attachment #2 (Television Production Rubric)

See Attachment #3 –( STORY WRITING Rubric)

(Reflection  For assignments, this section will be left blank. )

Questions you would consider in this section:
•    To what extent did students achieve the content and technology objectives?

•    What were the instructional environment and/or lesson challenges?

•    How effective was your assessment tool?

•    How engaged were the students during the activities?

•    What evidence do you have to show that your instructional management strategies were   effective and adequate?

•    What did not work and how will you change the lesson to be more effective next time and to ensure the success of all students?

  * This lesson plan format was designed using information from the Central Virginia Consortium and ISTE.





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