The Depiction of African American Women in the Hip Hop/Rap Culture



“The Sexist, misogynist, patriarchal ways of thinking and behavior that is glorified in gangsta rap are a reflection of the prevailing values in our society, values created and sustained by white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.” – Bell Hooks (6)

    Bell Hooks sums up the objectification of African American women of hip-hop. Not only hip hop, but the objectification of African American women in general. Since the first Black women were brought to this country, they were identified as slaves, objects, subhuman beings, that were treated in the most vial manner. From rape to murder, Black women were not considered to be human.  
     My findings in researching women in hip hop culture revealed a continuation of this patriarchal mentality. A mentality that is still being perpetuated by the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy, through Black rappers.
      From Aunt Jemima to the Video Vixens, African American women have been depicted negatively in the media for hundreds of years. Early depiction of African American women in the media were images of “The Tragic Mulatto”, and “The Mammy,” The objectification of African American women in the past 20 years has taken a different approach, with the onset of the Hip Hop culture, sexism and misogyny have become commonplace in society.

It  will be your job to take a critical look at the depiction of African American women in hip hop, as well as the impact it has had and is having on young African American Women today.......

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 Paper - African American Hip-Hop Culture Rap and Misogyny: The Black Woman’s Albatross.
By: Gloria D. Brogdon ©2009


 What is Misogyny?
http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/misogynyMulti Media



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