The Depiction of African American Women in the Hip Hop/Rap Culture



Research the history and role of African American women in the hip hop industry. There is a long history of Africa American women in the music industry in this country.  You need to explore  the evolution of the roles of  African American women in the music industry during the early years of music in the United States. 

It will be your job to explain how and why the depiction of African American  women in music has moved from  wholesome to Misogyny.

You will also choose two Male rappers and two Female rappers and listen to, and  read the lyrics of one  their songs and discuss the content and how it affects th listener's visual imagery  of women.

Do  the images conveyed by the words affect the listener's concept of the value of  women? Discuss your findings and create a podcast explaining your findings.


Research Links

 Hip Hop Timeline


 A timeline of women in hip-hop - By Niema Jordan


Hip Hop Lyrics - http://www.rapartists.com/lyrics/


If Women Ran Hip Hop

@!$%#es and Hoes - Exploring Misogyny in Hip-Hop

Sexy, Sexier, Sexist?
Jan. 22, 2003 -- Brynn Holland doesn't hate men, isn't overreacting and wants to be taken seriously. She's a feminist, aren’t you?
By Brynn Holland, 17, Cleveland High School

Solutions: Combat misogynistic images with education

Slideshow: Black women in pop culture

Black women can take control of stereotypes

In The Dock: Misogynistic hip-hop



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