Step 1: Break into search parties of 4.

Step 2: Use the websites listed in the "Student Websites" section of the Task Page tab to research clues that will lead to Lewis and Clark's whereabouts. 

Step 3: Pay special attention to the following: 

                (1) The Lewis and Clark Timeline of Events.
                (2) The journal entries around the time of their last known whereabouts.
                (3) Crucial information about major people of the Expedition

Step 4: Once you have found Lewis and Clark and figured out what happened to them, write a 1 page report of your findings. 

               (1) What happened to them?

               (2)  What was the date that this event happened?

               (3) Who else was involved?

               (4) What major event or place did this happen on or around?  


(1) It may be in your search parties' best interests to divide up research tasks.
(2) Some of websites provided will upload to their home pages. They will not take you directly to the pages that will provide you with the clues you need to find Lewis and Clark. You will be expected to navigate these websites to determine what information is important. 

(3) Feel free to use the search engines on the provided websites.

(4) Pay special attention to the Introduction and William Clark's journal entry. They will provide discrete clues to what may have happened to Lewis and Clark and where you should begin your search. 

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