You and your rescue team have three tasks to complete in order to find the missing explorers Lewis and Clark.

1) You will discover what happened to the missing men.
a. Research all the websites I have provided regarding the Lewis and Clark Expedition to find out what happened to the explorers around this time. 
b. Use the clues in the Introduction and William Clark's journal entry to figure out what happened to the explorers. 
2) Provide Information on anyone else who may have been involved in this incident. 

a. You will figure out who else was affected and if anyone has come to their rescue. 

b. You will figure out what major event was going on around the time of their disappearance or what place they may have been visiting when this incident happened. 

3) Present your findings.

a. Write your reasons for determining what happened. 

b. You will present your findings orally to the class. 

Student Websites: 

National Geographic- Lewis and Clark timeline


National Geographic- Descriptions of the dates and major events of the Expedition


National Park Service- Descriptions and journal quotes 

PBS- An entire expose' on the Lewis and Clark Expedition and its major players

Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition- An entire website dedicated to displaying the journals of Lewis, Clark, and other explorers



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