Lewis and Clark Rescue Mission

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Meriwether Lewis and William Clark set out with the Corps of Discovery from St. Louis, Missouri on May 14th, 1804. They were traveling along the Missouri River heading northeast across the Louisiana Territory when word came back that Lewis and Clark are missing! It is rumored that they are in serious danger. They have sent back correspondence in the form of their personal journals. Below is the last journal entry that William Clark sent back to St. Louis. It says:  

June 27th Thursday 1805
       "a fair warm morning wind from the S, E, and moderate. Serjt. Pryor Something better this morning, I proceed to finish a rough draugh of the river & Distances to leave at this place, the wormest day we have had this year, at 4 oClock the Party returned from the head of the portage    Soon after it began to hail and rain hard and continued for a fiew minits & Ceased for an hour 〈when〉 and began to rain again with a heavy wind from the N W. I refresh the men with a drink of grog    The river beginning to rise a little the water is Coloured a redish brown, the Small Streams, discharges in great torrents, and partake of the Choler of the earth over which it passes—a great part of which is light & of a redish brown. Several Buffalow pass drowned & 〈dashed to pices〉 in passing over the falls Cloudy all night, Cold" 

You must put together a search team and help us find Lewis and Clark before something bad happens to them. Hurry, time is running out! The country needs you in order for Lewis and Clark to complete their mission. 


President Thomas Jefferson (1805)

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