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Task #1 Highlights

  1. Each student will be given a passport with their photo in it.
  2. The students must choose 5 countries to visit in Europe and write them down in their passport.
  3. Students will put into pairs and assigned a computer.
  4. Print the information on the 5 countries.
  5. Students will take turns researching the following information: population of the country in 1900 and 2013, land size, main economic resource in 1900 and 2013, and the neighboring country.
  6. When completed the students will present the completed information in the passport to the teacher with their supporting back-up. 

Task #2 Highlights

  1. Students will pick a historical event that happened Europe that impacted the United States.
  2. Students must research this event on the computer and reference all resources in their essay.
  3. The essay will be 500 words.

Task #3 Highlights

  1. Students will be placed into small groups of 3 or 4 students.
  2. The students will create a poster that shows the flow of resources from Europe and the United States.
  3. Each group will pick 3 resources to track from Europe to the United States.
  4. Students will research the economic resources on the computer.
  5. There will be colorful illustrations showing the cycle from Europe to the United States. 
  6. Posters will be presented to the teacher when completed.
  7. Once approved by the teacher the posters will then be hung outside the classroom in the school hallway.


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