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Passport Travel Through Europe

  1. Each student will be given a passport with their picture in it.
  2. Students will work in pairs to complete the required information for their passports.
  3. Students must travel through at least 5 countries.
  4. Students must provide the: name of the country, the population, land size, and neighboring country.
  5. Show the teacher the passport with supporting documentation for the information requested for each country.
  6. When the teacher approves the completed work for that country the student will be given a stamp for that country.
  7. Student will then write an essay about a historical event that took place in Europe but impacted the United States.
  8. Students will be put into small groups of 3 to 4 and create a poster that shows the flow of resources from Europe and the United States.  The groups must pick 3 resources to describe and illustrate the flow of the how it leaves Europe, enters the United States and impacts the economy.

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