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The purpose of this webquest is to:

  1. Students understand how population, land size and neighboring countries connect to one another.
  2. Students will learn how populations fluctuate.
  3. Students will analyze resources from different eras.
  4. Students learn how historical events on one continent can impact another continent.
  5. Student learn how resources from another country impact and influence another country. 


Alaska Performance Standards: A. 1 use maps and globes to find other places in the world, D. 1 know how goods, services, ideas effect population. 2. how people are linked through global 3. analyze population characteristics and distributions. 5. interpret how events can shape social, economic and political factors in a country, E. 1 how resources develop, 2 how resources are used globally, 4 how humans impact landscapes, A 1. how humans geographical factors impact historical events, 2 how places and regions change over time, 5 how global changes effect human activity. The thematic strands used for this webquest were: 2 - time continuity, 3 - people, places, & environment, 7 - production, distribution & consumption, 9 - global connections, 10 - civic ideals & practices. Webquest is for 6th grade.




This webquest is designed for sixth grade. This webquest is based on 3 to 5 hour blocks. Time frames can be adjusted for students who require additional time or assistance. Materials for this webquest are the passport, pencils, computers, printer, paper, colored pencils, poster board, and areas for groups to meet.

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