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Students will draw on their prior knowledge by identifying 5countries in Europe and writing them on a piece of paper.  Students will be asked to estimate the population of each country they wrote down. Ask the students if they have visited any countries in Europe.  Students will be told that they will be visiting the countries they wrote down through their passport.  Students will be given web addresses to look for information on Europe.  Discuss with the students what information they should be looking for on the computer.  Students will be placed in pairs to research on the computer the information required for their passport.  Students will compare information with their partners and discuss what they have learned about the countries on their passports.  Students will use the information and web sites provided to then write a short essay about a historical event that impacted the United States.  The essay should address events that carried over to the United States and effected the population, the economy, interaction of the current population with immigrants, did the event change the characteristics of the United States, did it cause over population in certain areas and did certain regions of the United States offer more opportunities.  Students will work in small groups to create posters that show the cycle of exchange of resources between Europe and the United States. Students will show the flow of tourism, jobs, military, and import/export of certain goods.


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