Scientific Discoveries through Time



Do you remember the last time you stayed home from school with a sore throat?  You probably went to your doctor’s office, received a shot, and left the office with the peace of mind that you would soon be well and able to get back to what you love to do.  What if you had not been able to go to a doctor and receive penicillin or some other antibiotic?  Because of brave, determined, and knowledgeable people throughout history, our world is a better and safer place to live.  It is difficult to think of an aspect of our lives that has not, somehow, been impacted by someone who made a great scientific discovery along the way.

In this WebQuest, you will look at biological discoveries throughout history.  You will create a timeline to help others take a look into a particular time period and better understand these important scientists and the remarkable things they discovered. You will enable them to have a glimpse at the milestones where history took a turn toward improvement and progress.  Help your audience understand the times in which these scientists lived.  Explain to them who these pioneers were, and what they meant to the communities in which they lived.  You will choose your favorite pioneer, and explain the impact their new ideas had on their lives, as well as on our lives, today.

In other words, take your audience on an adventure into the past, and help them grasp the importance of these scientific discoveries.  And, help them want to learn more about the events on the timeline of history and the "heroes" of biology. 

Before you begin your quest review this presentation and reflect on its ideas.

Good luck and have fun on your journey!


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