Scientific Discoveries through Time



This WebQuest was designed for you to become familiar with some of the world's greatest scientific discoveries.  You researched the scientists and their discoveries that were considered advanced and groundbreaking for their time. You created a timeline display to showcase these discoveries and presented it to your audience.  

As you completed the WebQuest, did you make connections to your own life?  Imagine how life as we know it would be without the scientific discoveries you and your class studied in this Webquest assignment.  Review and reflect your own findings and what you learned from your classmates' presentations.  Of all the discoveries presented by the class, including your own, which do you believe is the most important discovery?  Explain your choice and provide evidence for your answer.  Post your answer in short answer (paragraph) form and tag it with your First Name initial, last name, and class period to linoit.com .  

Now think about any scientific discoveries yet to be made.  In the next ten years, what scientific discovery would you like to make?  How will this discovery impact others' lives?  Reflect on the learning you did in this WebQuest.  What steps will you need to take to prepare for making this discovery.  Who knows?  You may just be the on the next Top Ten List of Biologists from the 21st Century!  Watch the Prezi presentation you were introduced to at the beginning of the WebQuest again.  Has your thinking about biology and its many discoveries changed in any way?

As you continue with your high school science classes, continue to reflect and build on what you learned in this WebQuest.  


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