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History of Biology Timeline Display

Designing a Timeline of Accomplishments and Historical Significance in Biology:

This project involves researching a time period in history as well as accomplishments and/or persons who contributed to the field of biology during that time frame.  You will work in a group of three or four to create a biology history timeline display that contains exhibits pertinent to your historical time period. The display, which you will construct by using a Web 2.0 tool, must incorporate a variety of elements – pictures, replications of art and artifacts, graphics, maps, primary source documents, current events –to show a clear view of your era. You will then identify one individual, chosen by your group, who contributed to one of these major discoveries.

You will focus on the following questions when researching the major discoverer and discovery of your time period:

How has the contribution of the individual impacted people today? 
What would our world be like without this major discovery?
How was this discovery viewed during this time period? Was it rejected? Was it celebrated?

At the end of your research, you will become the experts of your time period and your chosen individual. You will be able to present and share this information with the class.

Please review the Biology History Timeline Display Rubric attached below to assist you with your timeline.


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