Scientific Discoveries through Time




This assignment provides a structured way for you to examine and explore the major scientific contributions and discoveries throughout history. Be sure to utilize the graphic organizers and pathfinder page for helpful resources. Make sure to follow the rules regarding citing your resources. 

Your group will be assigned a time period to focus on. You will research the most important historical aspects of that time period to include in your timeline. Then choose one individual who was a major contributor to your era and include a spotlight section for this individual. Use the History of Biology Timeline - Scientist Organizer file to help you with your research.

Your group will create a timeline using padlet.com, cacoo.com or piktochart.com. You will then present it to the class. 


1. Your display should include most of the statements listed below:
  • Discoveries or accomplishments of the era
  • People who contributed to the developments or discoveries
  • Beliefs or theories related to the development or discovery
  • Trends in the field of biology during your era.
2. Each exhibit of your display must combine at least four elements listed below. A caption should accompany each explaining how the information relates to your topic:
  • Pictures
  • Timelines
  • Symbols
  • Charts, graphs, tables
  • Music
  • Diary of accounts of individual
  • Copies of primary source documents
  • Illustrations
  • Maps
  • Collages
  • Important Quotes
  • Replications of art and artifacts
  • Poetry and literature
3. Each exhibit in your display must have explanations that introduce viewers to the timeline. The explanations should include:
  1. An introduction to the topic
  2. The person or people involved
  3. An explanation of the discovery or innovation
  4. The significance of the innovation both then and now.
4. As a group, you will brainstorm ideas, do research and contribute information for each exhibit, create the design elements, and help with the writing and creation of the elements of each timeline.

5. Each of you will also be assigned one of more of the following roles:

  • Logistics - Designs the layout for each part of the display. Helps with the production and assembly of the online exhibit.
  • Historical Writer - Oversees the writing of the text for each explanation. Creates brief captions for all parts of the "exhibit".
  • Graphics - Oversees the design of all graphic elements - illustrations, maps, collages, and the like - for each of the exhibits. List all ideas for the display and the resources needed. 
  • Collector - Responsible for ensuring that all necessary resources for the exhibit are cited correctly. Also assists with assembly of the online display.

6. Your group will be assigned a time period from below. Then your group will decide on which individual to focus on. You can choose an individual from the list or choose your own. If choosing your own, please make sure to check with your instructor before.

Assigned Time Periods for your Exhibit:

  1. Ancient Egyptians and Chinese
  2. Ancient Greeks and Romans HippocratesAristotle, Galen
  3. The Dark Ages and MiddleAges AD 400 to AD 1400  Alcameon of Crotona
  4. The Renaissance - AD 1350 toAD 1650  Anotonie van Leeuwenhoek, Robert Hook
  5. The 16th and 17th Centuries  Nicholas Copernicus, Isaac Newton, Walther Flemming, Andreas Vesalius, William Harvey
  6. The 18th Century  Carl Linnaeus
  7. The 19th Century  Louis Pasteur, Gregor Mendel, Michael Faraday ,Dmitri Mendeleev, Claude Bernard, Rudolf Virchow, Theodore Schwann, Matthias Schleiden, Charles Darwin
  8. The 20th Century  Watson & Crick, Campbell & Wilmut, Albert Einstein, Alexander Fleming, James Watson, Robert Gallo et al., Michiaki Takahashi, Jonas Salk
  9. The 21st Century  John Craig Ventor, Edward Wilson.

Using the Pathfinder:

The websites on the Pathfinder have been chosen to assist you in your search. These websites are based on reliable information from experts in the field.


Work Cited
Description: Word Cloud. Wordle.net. Web. 22 July 2016. http://wordle.net.

  • History of Biology Timeline - Time Period Organizer
    Description: This graphic organizer will help your group organize the information you find on your time period. You will then use this sheet to help you transfer the information onto your online timeline tool.

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