Village Wok Restaurant Marketing Plan





# Beginning 1 Developing 2 Very Good 3 Exemplary 4 Score
Mission statement & "good" supporting marketing objectives. There was no mission statement and/or marketing objectives. The mission statement was too broad or too narrow. The marketing objectives didn't meet the appropriate criteria. The mission and/or marketing objectives were done well, but there is some room for improvement. Both the mission statement and the marketing objectives were excellent and met all the criteria that was specified in class. 25%
SWOT analysis, competitive advantages sources, and strategic alternatives. Did not conduct a full SWOT analysis. Did little to identify any sources of competitive advantages or stategic alternatives. SWOT analysis, competitive advantages, and strategic alternatives were not backed up by supporting evidence or research. All categories were adequate, but could use additional work. SWOT analysis was in-depth. All analysis was backed up by research and/or supporting evidence. 25%
Target market stategies and the elements of the marketing mix. Did not consider the target market. Did not include the elements of the marketing mix. Target market strategies were weak and lacked creativity. Not all elements of the marketing mix were included. The target market strategies were adequate. All elements of the marketing mix were considered. Target market strategies were excellent and coincided with the rest of the plan. All elements of the marketing mix were used appropriately. 25%
Evaluation & Summary There was no way to evaluate the plan. The summary did not support the marketing plan. There was an evaluation method used, but it could not be measured quantitatively. The summary was not persuasive. The quantitative evaluation method was adequate. The summary was somewhat persuasive. The quanititative evaluation method could easily be measured and supported the marketing objectives. The summary was persuasive. 25%

Total Score: 100%

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