Village Wok Restaurant Marketing Plan

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Grades: 10th - 12th

Type of class: Introduction to Marketing I

Other relevant information: Unit - Stategic Planning for Competitive Advantage
Purpose: This project can potentially be substitued for an exam on stategic planning. Students are required to implement all components of a marketing plan into a hypothetical "real world" situation.

Steps: Teacher will need to ensure students understand the following information via lesson plans for students to complete the project:

Understand the importance of strategic marketing and know a basic outline for a marketing plan.
Develop an appropriate business mission statement.
Describe criteria for stating good marketing objectives.
Explain the components of a situation analysis.
Identify sources of competitive advantage.
Identify strategic alternatives.
Discuss target market strategies.
Describe the elements of a marketing mix.
Explain why implementation, evaluation, and control of the marketing plan are necessary.
Identify several techniqes that help make strategic planning effective.
The final step is for teachers to assign (or let the students choose) their marketing teams. Group of 3-5 students are recommended. Teachers may want to adjust the evaluation rubric to fit their needs.







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