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Focus: This WebQuest was designed to familiarize surgical technology students with some of the commonly used surgical instruments found in the operating room.  It is intended to help them build a working knowledge of instruments, their usage and functions, and classifications prior to entering the clinical setting.

As students progress through this project, they will learn to use the internet to obtain relevant and current information from the World Wide Web.

Objectives/Goals: At the end of this project, surgical technology students will have completed study aids to assist them in the memorization and recall of over 100 different surgical instruments, their uses, and classifications.

Additional Information: Each student is required to create and submit their own instrument cards.  Students may work together to gather information, but the work they submit must be original. Reserve computer lab time in the library as necessary for those students lacking access to a computer and the internet at home.  Printed materials such as textbooks may also be useful and are located in the library.  Each student has been issued a copy of  "Differentiating Surgical Instrumentation."

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