Surgical Instrument Cards



In order to construct your instrument cards, you will need to follow the steps outlined here.  If you have any questions or concerns as you complete your project, please email your instructor.

  • Access the link below (Resource #1) for the list of required instrument cards.  The list contains 100 commonly used surgical instruments.  You will be required to make a card for each of the items on the list.  In some cases, you will notice that there are different versions of the same instrument.  For example, Crile clamps come in both curved and straight versions.  Also, knife blades come in several varieties, i.e., #10, 11, 12, 15, and 20.  For instruments such as these that have multiple sub-types, you may want to create additional instrument cards as the different names and pictures may not fit on just one card.
  • Set up a template.  You may choose to create your own template in Microsoft Word or another program.  Or you may download the template already created for you below.  Your template must include the following information for each surgical instrument: name, any alternative names, classification/category, how the instrument is commonly used, and a picture.
  • Access the websites listed under "Resources" below to locate information related to each instrument.  You may also search for additional resources other than those provided.
  • Once you have located all the necessary information, transfer the information you have found to your cards.  Be sure to paraphrase and don't plagiarize.
  • Print your instrument cards on 5"x8" index cards.  You may find it easiest to print onto pre-perforated card pages.  These are available at any office supply store.
  • Bind your cards or place them in a file box.  You may use whichever method you find best suites your study habits.
  • Be sure to turn in your instrument cards in the same order as they appear on the list!
  • Create a reference card in APA FORMAT that documents the sources that you used.
Note: Once you have completed a few cards, I would be happy to look at them and provide you with feedback to help you in completing the remainder of the project.

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