Light and Photoelectric Effect

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This web quest is for Science teachers, both in training and in the field. It aids them in getting an understanding of how their students are likely to operate, and also to pan out and entire topic in record time. Yes, this web quest will not be completed in one class. It consists of an experiment and an oral presentation. Thus, the experiment and lab report can be completed in one 35 minutes session. Students will need time to prepare their presentation, maybe a full week or two. The presentation itself is only a 15 minutes presentation. For teachers who would like to use this web quest, it is advised that you complete a learner profile, to aid in the fluidity of the web quest. Your students must have prior knowledge of light, the duality of light, light energy and the basic idea of the photoelectric effect must be understood.


This web quest serves as a part of the CAPE Physics Syllabus, and seeks to achieve the following standards (as stated according to the Caribbean Examination Council - CXC):

1. Students will acquire understanding and knowledge of technological and scientific applications of the photoelectric effect,

2. Students will develop an understanding of the scientific process of charge and discharge by photoelectric effect, and their recognition of its usefulness and its limitations,

3.Students will develop the following skills: (i) Knowledge and Comprehension; (ii) Use of Knowledge; and (iii) Experimental Skills.


Thanks to Mr. M Gold who provided detailed information for my students to use.Special thanks to Ms Sandy Shaw who taught me how to build this web quest in her MTI classes. Much gratitude is expressed to the sources of information provided in the web quest, such as YouTube videos, and information for content.


I urge you all to learn how to construct a web quest, because they really will help with your classes, especially with those difficult topics.

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