Light and Photoelectric Effect



Phase one:

>View the video: The Photoelectric Effect through the YouTube link attached below to gain knowledge of the photoelectric effect and the necessary terms related to it.

>View the video: Photoelectric Effect Demonstration through the YouTube link attached below to get a basic understanding of what the experiment entails.

>View the attached document below, entitled "Laboratory Manual". Read carefully through the various steps of the experiment.

>Arrange yourselves into three core groups of at most 5 students. Label yourselves groups A, B and C.

>Group A will be responsible for the initial testing of the laboratory experiment. This includes gathering the material as well as carrying out the procedure.

>Group B will be responsible to document the laboratory in a Word file. This report must contain data from the experiment, as well as observations and inferences.

>Group C will be responsible for the creative preparation of the display booth, as well as the flow of the presentation. Members of this group may view the video: How To Prepare an Oral Research Presentation to aid in the planning and presenting process.

> Each group must collaborate with each other to ensure fluidity.

>Each group is expected to suggest one application of the photoelectric effect in real life situations, to be shared with students.

>Additional information is supplied through the other links provided below.

>Note: You are only given fifteen minutes to make your presentation, along with an additional five minutes as a Q&A (question and answer) section. Manage your time well.

Phase two:

> Carry out the experiment, compile the report and get your thinking caps on! It's time to make a beauty of the information you have learned and the experiment you have conducted.

Phase three:

>Execute that presentation! This phase of the web quest will be your presentation to the visiting students. Ensure that you are adequately prepared, that you are all knowledgeable of the content of your presentation, and that you are all understanding of the topic in depth. Good luck!

>Ensure to compile an action plan and reflection on your presentation with evidence of your presentation.


Web Link

Web Link

  • Laboratory Manual
    Description: This manual contains the outline for your lab report, along with your topic, aim, apparatus and procedure to follow.

Web Link

  • Additional Background Information
    Description: This document provides detailed information about the concept of Photoelectric effect and the key terms to the topic.

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