Habitats Unit Study: Endangered Species Research Project

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Ontario Science & Technology Curriculum

Specific Expectations: 

Understanding Basic Concepts

~ classify organisms according to their role in a food chain (e.g., producer, consumer);4s5 


~ demonstrate an understanding of a food chain as a system in which energy from the sun is transferred eventually to animals, construct food chains of different plant and animal species (e.g., carrot’rabbit’fox), and classify animals as omnivore, carnivore, and herbivore;4s6 


~ describe structural adaptations of plants and animals that demonstrate a response of the living things to their environment (e.g., the height of a plant depends on the amount of sunlight the plant gets; many animals that live in the Arctic have white fur);4s7  


Developing Skills of Inquiry, Design, and Communication

~ use appropriate vocabulary, including correct science and technology terminology, in describing their investigations, explorations, and observations (e.g., habitat, population, ecological niche, community, food chain);4s12  


Relating Science and Technology to the World Outside the School 

~ describe ways in which humans can affect the natural world (e.g., urban development forces some species to go elsewhere and enables other species to multiply too rapidly; conservation areas can be established to protect specific habitats);4s16 


~ show the effects on plants and animals of the loss of their natural habitat (e.g., nesting sites of ducks may be destroyed when a dam is built);4s18

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