Habitats Unit Study: Endangered Species Research Project



S T E P S   T O   S T A R T   T H E

S A V E   Y O U R   A N I M A L   Q U E S T 


So let's review the specific steps Mother Nature needs you to follow in order to successfully complete this quest.


1. UNDERSTAND: Review your Research Booklet to confirm and understand the information you need to gather.


2. REVIEW: Select the each available web link for your animal, read and review the information available about your animals..


3. RECORD: As you review each website, record the appropriate information in your Research Booklet.


4. COMPLETE: Once you have completed your research, gather and review your notes and complete a rough draft of the assignment, make sure to write complete sentences.




Polar Bear

 Resource 1 ~~ Resource 2 ~~ Resource 3



Blue Whale

BlueWhale.jpg BLUE WHALE picture by Volcanoes9 Resource 1 ~~ Resource 2 ~~ Resource 3



Ferruginous Hawk

 Resource 1 ~~ Resource 2 ~~ Resource 3



Eastern Wolverine

 Resource 1 ~~ Resource 2 ~~ Resource 3



Whooping Crane

 Resource 1 ~~ Resource 2 ~~ Resource 3



Swift Fox

 Resource 1 ~~ Resource 2 ~~ Resource 3



Burrowing Owl

 Resource 1 ~~ Resource 2 ~~ Resource 3



Sea Otter

 Resource 1 ~~ Resource 2 ~~ Resource 3





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    Description: Research Booklet

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    Description: Animal Habitat Map

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    Description: Project Description

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