Habitats Unit Study: Endangered Species Research Project





H E A R   Y E!    H E A R   Y E!

C A L L I N G   A L L   N A T U R E   D E T E C T I V E S


M O T H E R   N A T U R E   N E E D S   Y O U R   H E L P


Many of her animal friends have been dying and are in danger of extinction.  She is sad seeing her animal friends suffering and needs your help. 


It's time to go on a....


S A V E   Y O U R   A N I M A L   Q U E S T 


Mother Nature needs you to research an animal, give her an update and details about the animal, and what we can do to help the animal survive.


Are you up to the task?  Mother Nature knows you are... and that you will find the information she needs so that together we can all help the animals live happy, healthy and long lives.



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