Gas Prices vs. What type of Car?

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This webquest is designed to integrate a variety of subject areas and technology.  You will find that this webquest will challenge and excite the learner as they venture through the various activities.  Some helpful resources below will allow teachers and students to interact throughout this webquest.  An extended activity provided below will also give some students the opportunity to explore and learn more about gas prices.

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Mikogo.com - Students and teachers can use this screen sharing tool to help each other when they are on different computers.


Extended Activity:

Have you ever heard older people talk about the bag of chips and a drink they could get for 25 cents when they were younger? Today those same things will cost about $1.50. The reason this exists is because of something called inflation. Inflation calculates the increase in prices overtime. When there is a limited supply of something people want, they will usually pay more for it if they can afford to. This makes things more expensive for everyone. A good example is a lemonade stand selling a cup of lemonade for $1. If two people want lemonade and there is only one cup left, one of the people may be willing to pay $2 instead of $1. While the other person may not be able to afford $2. This happens year after year with different products. Gas is demanded by people all over the world, while at the same time the amount of gas is becoming less available. Just like the lemonade stand, some people can afford to pay more for the gas. This makes the price of gas go up year after year.

Using the Inflation Calculator, calculate the average gas price for each year to determine the inflation price.

Inflation Calculator

1950  .27
1955  .30
1960  .31
1965  .31
1970  .35
1975  .53
1980  1.13
1985  1.19
1990  1.13
1995  1.14
2000  1.66
2005  2.10


 www.propsunlimited.com- Title Page Image: images.google.com

www.davisenglish.com - Evaluation Page Image: images.google.com

www.skeptically.org - Introduction Page Image: images.google.com 

http://www.willard.k12.oh.us/mrwhitescomputerlab/payingtheprice/webquest.html- Reference Mark A. White

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