Gas Prices vs. What type of Car?


You will need a partner to complete this WebQuest.  As a pair, your task is to complete the following activities in order to learn about the economy, gas prices, along with the type of car that can be best suitable for you.  You will create a spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel to calculate the amount of gas used by different cars and find the difference in how much it costs to drive each car.  However, before creating the spreadsheet, you will gain some background knowledge about the history of gas prices over the past several decades and why hybrid cars are becoming so popular.  Next, you will create a time-line representing gas prices on mywebspiration to show the trend of gas prices over time.  Using the most current gas prices, you will then create a Gas Cost Calculator in Microsoft Excel that will allow you to compare costs.  Next, you will construct one of three different graphs to show various representations by comparing the gas prices of the two cars you chose.  Finally, you will create a power point  to present and summarize what you learned from doing the webquest.  So have fun and RRrrrm up your engine!

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