Gas Prices vs. What type of Car?


Work together as a pair to complete the following activities below:

Activity One: Look at each of the following sites to get some background information of gas prices and look at the history of gas prices in the past decades to understand why hybrid cars are becoming more popular. Using the links below, create a time-line of average gas prices per gallon from 1950 to 2008.


Current gas prices and history?

How gas price work?

How hybrid cars work?

You and your partner will sign up for a new account on mywebspiration (a web-base visual tool used to create outline or diagrams). You will need to register and obtain a user-name and password in order to log into mywebspiration.

Once you and your partner has signed up, log in and use the web-tools to create a time-line to compare the average gas prices per gallon from 1950-2008.  Pick your own time scale for the number of years from 1950 to 2008.

Activity Two: Create a spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel to calculate the gallons of gasoline and how much it cost.  Compare the cars to see how much money was wasted or saved depending on the vehicle one drives.  Print out your spreadsheet. (open attachment file 2 for instructions, on bottom of page)

Activity Three: Using your spreadsheet from Microsoft Excel use the data and create a bar graph, line graph, or circle graph to show the comparisons of the total annual cost between the two cars that were chosen.

1.  From spreadsheet. Click and highlight cell h3 and h4 (costs)

2. Click on Insert and select bar graph,  line graph, or pie chart.

3.  Select “File” and “Page Setup,” followed by “Landscape” and “Fit to” to make sure that the document fits on ONE page and PRINT.

Activity Four:  You and your partner will use Microsoft Power Point to create and present to the class 4 slides as a collection of what you have worked on. The slides need to be in this order:

1st Slide: Introduction Page with the gas price time-line from mywebspiration and your names at the bottom.

2nd Slide: Copy of your spreadsheet

3rd Slide: Copies of your bar graph, line graph, and circle graph comparing the gas prices of the two different types of car.

4th Slide: Answer the follow up questions (open attachment in attachment file 1, on bottom of page)





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